Real Estate Closings

Your home is located in a Homeowner's Association and is required to have a Paid Assessment Letter (PAL) at closing. The Seller's Attorney will need to complete and submit the PAL Request Form to the Brookside HOA no later than 14 days prior to closing. The PAL Request Form can be completed electronically or manually.

    • Download the PAL Request Form, complete online and email to Brookside HOA, or
    • Download and print the PAL Request Form, complete manually (must be legible) and email to Brookside HOA

Please note: annual assessment(s) must be paid in full in order to generate a Paid Assessment Letter. DO NOT contact the Brookside HOA Attorney for paid assessment letters as these are obtained directly from the Brookside HOA. Should you contact the Brookside HOA Attorney, you will be billed for her time.

Please submit the PAL Request Form to:

Sara Hickman, Brookside HOA

Please contact Sara Hickman at or 815-274-6796 for all questions related to obtaining a PAL.