Community Links

City of Joliet Fire Department

City of Joliet Police Department 

City of Joliet - Municipal Codes

This is the most updated version of the City of Joliet's Municipal Codes. 

City of Joliet - Parkway Tree Request

This page will allow you to submit an application for a parkway tree.  Note:  All planting requests will be evaluated by The City Arborist and prioritized based on need and availability.

City of Joliet - Public Library:  Black Road Branch

City of Joliet - Service Requests 

Residents have four methods to submit their non-emergency neighborhood and community issues to the City of Joliet.  Note: Steel or decorative street light pole outages can be reported via CitizenVUE; all other  outages of street lights (concrete or wood) should be reported via COMED (see below). 

ComEd - Street Light Outage 

This page will allow you to report a street light outage (concrete or wood poles only).   NOTE: All light poles in Brookside should be reported via COMED.  You will need the pole number and/or address to complete the online request.