Architectural Approval

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The Architectural Committee ensures that any improvement is constructed in compliance with the provisions of the Declaration of Covenants of the Brookside Homeowners Association, incorporates the use of materials that are in harmony with the surrounding properties, and is constructed in such a manner so as to meet established construction guidelines.


Pursuant to Article D of the Declaration of Building Restrictions and Protective Covenants recording against the subdivision, BEFORE anyone can commence the construction, reconstruction, erection, remodeling, addition to, alteration or placing of any building, fence, wall, pool, structure or improvement whatsoever on any of the said lots in said subdivision, they must submit their plans to the Architectural Committee for approval.

Once submitted, the Architectural Committee may take up to 30 days in which to review the homeowner’s plans. Plans that are incomplete when submitted may be rejected by the Committee causing delay in the approval process. Therefore, to assist you in your project and to avoid delays, the following guide has been provided for your use.

Documents Required

In order to facilitate the process of project review and approval, the following shall be submitted to the Architectural Committee:

For the construction of any home, addition or structure on the property

  1. No less than two (2) complete sets of construction plans or one digital copy drawn by a licensed architect for such building or structure, which plans shall include drawings, specifications, exterior elevations, construction materials (including a sample of all exterior materials), a site/grading plan showing the location and top of foundation and finished grades of the building(s). Location of fences, gas or electric yard light, and other structures such as retaining walls etc upon the lot shall be shown with location in relation to existing construction. Please show also the location in relation to all property lines.

For other improvements such as patios, walls, walkways, gazebos, play sets, in ground pools, and fences that may be permitted under the provisions of the Declaration and Covenants, the Committee requests that the following documents be submitted with your request:

  1. No less than two (2) copies or one digital copy of a lot survey, certified by a licensed IL surveyor, reflecting the location of all current structures and proposed improvements on the survey.
  2. A scaled drawing of the improvement that you intend to construct and where that improvement will be located on your property. This should include exterior elevations of the project where appropriate. (Play sets - please attach a copy of the brochure or equivalent with dimensions and draw out the base dimension to scale on a copy of your plat of survey.)
  3. Under the IL Home Repair and Re modelers Act, prior to initiating any home repair or remodeling work the person engaged in making the home repairs or remodeling shall furnish the customer a written contract or work order that states the total cost, including parts and materials list. The homeowner shall provide the Committee with copies of such contract for review. (If the homeowner prefers the amount charged for the work may be blackened out from the proposal.) Such contract shall provide a sufficient detail of the planned improvement to enable the Committee to adequately perform its obligations under the Declaration, which shall include where appropriate, a description of exterior materials that will be used, footings, foundations. Any extension of electrical must be done by a licensed electrician (in lieu of having the work performed by a licensed electrician, the homeowner may present a letter from a licensed electrician that has inspected the work before it has been covered up and has found the same to be completed pursuant to electrical safety standards and building codes.) Any extension of a natural gas line shall also be performed by a licensed contractor or in lieu of having the work performed by a licensed contractor the homeowner may present a letter from a licensed contractor that has inspected the work before it has been covered up and has found the same to be completed pursuant to applicable safety standards and building codes.
  4. If the homeowner intends to undertake the construction of the improvement themselves, they must provide the Committee with plans of their project which are detailed enough to enable the Committee to evaluate the structure, integrity and safety of the improvement contemplated.
  5. Any other documents that the property owner believes will be beneficial to the Committee in making their decision.

Pursuant to the Declaration and Covenants, the Architectural Committee shall have:

“The Committee shall have the unrestricted right to prevent the building of and to disapprove of any construction plans . . . if, in the sole opinion of the Committee:

  1. Such construction plans are not in accordance with all of the provisions of this Declaration; or
  2. If the design, exterior or interior size, exterior shape, exterior construction materials or color scheme of the proposed building or other structure is not in harmony with the adjacent buildings, structures or the character of the subdivision; in no event will a particular exterior home design be duplicated within five hundred (500) feet of each other; or
  3. If the construction plans as submitted are incomplete; or
  4. If the Committee deems the construction plans or any part thereof or any material used in the exterior of the building to be contrary to the interests, welfare or rights of the Developer or adjacent property owners or present or future property owners.”

Please note that it is the goal of the Architectural Committee to work with each and every homeowner so as to ensure the structural soundness of the improvement being proposed is adequate and that the safety of the homeowner and neighboring property owners will be protected. Every attempt will be made by the Committee to review the plans and supporting documents submitted to it as quickly as possible to avoid unnecessary delays with your project.

In the event that the Committee does not disapprove or require modification within thirty (30) days of submission, the Committee shall be deemed to have approved and the lot owner shall have the right to proceed as if the Committee had granted written approval of the material submitted.

The Architectural Committee thanks you in advance for your cooperation and looks forward to working with you on your improvement projects.

Should you have any additional questions or concerns you are invited to contact the Architectural Committee Chairman