Annual Assessment

The primary goals of the Brookside Homeowners Association are to promote the safety and welfare of all Brookside residents and to maintain a consistently high standard and quality of life within our community. We work actively with both residents and local government organizations to ensure that all planning, development, zoning, utility, and other areas of capital improvement are in alignment with local ordinances—and support the rights and interests of the residents of Brookside.

The Brookside annual assessment is due at the end of January. Assessment invoices will be sent early January via email or regular mail, depending on the preferred method of communication you indicated to the Board. The electronic invoice will include a secure link to submit payment via QuickBooks.

Note: If you're unsure your contact information is up to date or if you'd like to change your preferred method of communication, please provide any updates to the Board. Contact information includes phone numbers and email addresses.

General Email:

Phone Number: 866-455-9090

Mailing Address: 755 Essington Road, Joliet, IL 60435